The food and beverage manufacturing industry is under extreme pressure to deliver quality products to consumers that meet product specifications and pass government inspections. There’s a lot at play. A simple bottle of soda, juice or beer isn’t just filled on a machine, capped and put on the store shelf. In order to ensure consistency, the product needs to be mixed, stored and dispensed with accuracy.

And, with trends today, beverage companies are quickening their pace of innovation and will be releasing new products to the market faster than ever amid a rapid shift in consumer tastes and preferences. These quick changes and fast-to-market demands only reinforce the extreme importance for manufacturers to get it right with each bottling.

Fluid control sensors and level switches play an important role in ensuring this happens. Measuring not only the amount of liquid in a tank to prevent overflow or improper formulation, but also keeping the liquids and ingredients at appropriate temperatures throughout the manufacturing process. Crisp beer, fizzy soda, and refreshing juice drinks wouldn’t taste so great without these tools.

Fluid control sensors and level switches used in the food and beverage industry aid in everything from equipment malfunction protection to sanitation, as well as temperature monitoring. With the level and pressure sensors, it’s possible to ensure that components within a liquid tank remain consistent. The right mix of ingredients, maintained at just the right temperatures is critical in this industry. Level switches are also used to prevent overflows, spills and costly machine breakdowns that interrupt production.

HSI Sensing is in the business of developing and installing easy-to-implement and cost-effective sensors that can proactively monitor critical equipment in any size commercial operation. Our sensors are very discrete and can be integrated in such a way that they can be hidden from view entirely. Our high-power, high-voltage level switches and reed switches, including the world’s most powerful Form C reed switch, are engineered for the unique demands of fluid processing applications – anywhere liquid levels require monitored alarm settings to indicate high or low liquid settings.

HSI Sensing’s superior limit switches meet very specific electrical specifications. HSI Sensing also manufacturers latching or bi-stable latching switches that once a float with a magnet in it passes by it stays on until it comes back down.

To find out how to begin integrating sensors and limit switches into your commercial operations, or even the equipment themselves, contact the team at HSI Sensing to learn more.

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Published On: November 3rd, 2020 / Categories: Innovations, Making Sense / Tags: , , /

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