Certifications are simply third party verification that a product is safe and fit for use.  As complicated as the world of certifications is with a myriad of options and even more complex battery of tests, it really boils down to confidence.  It especially applies to situations where it is difficult to test a product in its final application or when safety is of utmost importance.  It is also common where the actual end customer is using a contractor to perform the installation.  HSI and our Genisco division have been working on many certifications across multiple applications that illustrate this point.

Genisco builds electromagnetic filters.  These filters are often installed on test laboratories known as shielded rooms.  These rooms are critical for keeping electronic noise outside the test or communication environment.  These rooms are sophisticated and thus, built and installed by professionals specializing in this work.  They involve many facets of construction including high electrical power.  Certification comes into play for electrical installations so that the end customer can have confidence that each and every component is safe to have in their facility even though they did not choose them individually, did not install them themselves and do not plan to test them individually post installation.  The certification provided by the third party laboratory promises the design is safe, because they tested it so you don’t have to.

HSI builds switches and sensors for a wide range of applications. Our products can often be found monitoring fluid levels. These fluids will likely be stored in tanks and are often harsh or even explosive chemicals.  The environment is obviously dangerous and not the place to put an unproven product.  You also do not want to find out after the fact that a sensor was unsafe and caused an explosion.  The third party laboratory can evaluate a product in a controlled environment to prove its worthiness for these dangerous locations.  Then the end user can confidently install it in their facility or application.

No matter what the product is or where it will be used, there are numerous certifications available, and receiving one is very important for a wide range of reasons. Ultimately, receiving a certification grants the product’s end user peace of mind.

At HSI we have years of experience working with third party certifiers. If you ever have any questions about this process or wonder if your product needs to be certified please feel free to reach out to us.

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