There are several fears parents have when it comes to their children and their home: slipping in the bathtub and seriously injuring their head, making it outside unsupervised, falling from a countertop or getting into the cleaning supplies are just a few on the long list. Many of the things on that list are a result of a child learning how to open doors and cabinets. What we all need is something I like to call the curiosity chime. A simple notice when an off-limits door is opened.

Almost every home security system monitors the doors and windows and some have chime functions to let you know when an exterior door opens. It would be pretty nice to have a chime sound when the other critical access points in our homes are accessed by an unauthorized person. Fortunately, this is something that a basic proximity sensor can do with ease. Simply install a sensor inside the cabinet, closet, drawer, or room you want to monitor. Install the actuator to trigger the sensor on the door and the sensor will trip when the door or drawer is opened.

You don’t even have to call an installation tech to do the work. Simple speaker wire run from the sensor to your alarm panel can tie the sensor into your existing system. If this sounds like more DIY than your capabilities allow, you can purchase a basic door chime and install it right inside the door or drawer you’re trying to monitor. The beauty of the magnetic proximity sensor with its wide operational range is that it doesn’t have to physically contact the door or drawer when it opens as a push button or lever sensor would. This eliminates all the hassle of lining things up perfectly and having to adjust them over time. You can even mount the sensor and actuator with double sided tape for easy removal or transfer when you no longer need them or want to move them. Check out the PRX+8200 and ACT+8100 for a quick DIY fix to set your mind at ease about ever having to call the Poison Control center because you didn’t know that your child got into the medicine or cleaning cabinet!

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Published On: November 10th, 2016 / Categories: Innovations, Making Sense / Tags: , , , /

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