Being a reed switch nerd, I look at almost everything to see how a sensor and magnet might be utilized.

As my grandchildren grow up their old toys slowly become obsolete. They are now boring, low tech and provide little stimulation or entertainment value. In our collection of toys are wooden trains, cars and trucks. These present an opportunity for renovation and modernization and hopefully inspire my grandchildren to follow their great-grandfather, grandfather and father in the exciting sensor manufacturing business.

Let’s take a four-seat wooden car, for example. The potential revisions are endless. Headlights, taillights and flashing lights that can all be turned on & off “mysteriously” are just one way to make toys new again. This wooden car could have a sensor under each seat that is activated by a magnet. Each seat could produce a different lighting configuration to help keep things entertaining.

Making toys exciting is only part of the equation. Grandchildren can be rough on toys so it will need to be shock proof, moisture resistant and tamper proof. There is no environment more extreme or demanding then a child’s sand box or tree fort. Luckily, reed switches are the perfect solution for these environments.

My grandchildren love flashlights. When they have a sleepover each one gets their own flashlight to sleep with to keep the ‘monsters’ at bay. Now they will have a vehicle to run over the monster.

Pursuit of a solution to a problem is a wonderful challenge. It often leads to new developments, sometimes solutions to other problems that were not even on the agenda. The proximity sensor world encompasses interesting challenges presented by the environment.  You know this car will be crashing into furniture, falling from the outdoor fort, going down the slide and more. Operational specifications only the grandkids can create and they will appreciate the durability provided by the unique qualities of reed switches.

Opportunities present challenges, challenges present growth in knowledge and achievement.  We adore new opportunities, even if the payback is just smiles on the faces of our grandchildren.

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Published On: March 2nd, 2016 / Categories: Innovations, Making Sense / Tags: , /

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