France is one of the largest and most ancient wine producers in the world. Among the different well-known French wine regions, Champagne has a very unique status. Champagne covers less than 4 percent of the French vineyard whilst representing more than 1/3 of the total of French exports in value.

This drink of kings is shipped all over the world. Champagne exports its wine to more than 190 countries, representing 10 percent by volume of world consumption of sparkling wines.

The glass of bubbly you now hold in your hand has evolved over centuries from the pale, pinkish still wine to the sparkling wine now associated with the region. While many winemaking traditions remain unchanged, advancements in technology have allowed winemakers to improve their commercial operations to achieve greater consistency improve production efficiencies. For one example, modern winemaking today relies heavily on limit switches and other liquid level sensors.

The fluid handling processes, treatment, and storage is critical for these vineyards to succeed. HSI Sensing is a leading manufacturer of liquid limit switches and sensors. Our limit switches can be used in many different applications surrounding the wine industry, including wastewater treatment, potable water handling, fermentation, filtration, and bottling.

HSI Sensing designs, manufactures, and sells limit switches that can be used for a variety of applications, including commercial winemaking.

Tanks, fermenters, and more must be monitored precisely to ensure quality, consistency, and safety. HSI Sensing’s limit switches can give high level alarm or low level alarms of depending on the rise of the liquid. Without accurate liquid level measurement, the process can be ruined and cause major impacts to production, especially at the commercial level.

Whether you’re an independent vintner looking to enhance existing equipment or a commercial manufacturer of winemaking equipment looking to source a trusted manufacturer of limit switch components, or anything in between, HSI Sensing can help.

HSI Sensing is in the business of developing and installing easy-to-implement and cost-effective sensors that can proactively monitor critical equipment in any size commercial operation. Our sensors are very discrete and can be integrated in such a way that they can be hidden from view entirely. Our limit switches can work in a variety of applications – anywhere liquid levels require monitored alarm settings to indicate high or low liquid settings.

HSI Sensing’s superior limit switches meet very specific electrical specifications. HSI Sensing also manufacturers latching or bi-stable latching switches that once a float with a magnet in it passes by it stays on until it comes back down.

To find out how to begin integrating limit switches and sensors into your commercial wine operations, contact the team at HSI Sensing to learn more.

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