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The industry has always looked to HSI to do things with reed switches that no one else can do.

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  • The world’s smallest reed switches.
  • Award-winning high security sensors.
  • Trusted hazardous location sensors.
  • AS 9100D and ISO 9001:2015 certified.

HSI releases first true innovative development in reed switch technology in decades!

HSI True Form B

Uniquely Designed Reed Blades

Even with over 1500+ products to choose from, all HSI products can be modified to your specifications.

Reed Switches

Reed Switches are used in multiple industries and applications. From implantable medical devices to the oil field and even the aerospace industry, HSI Sensing offers years of experience perfecting reed switch technology, ensuring it is reliable and operates consistently in any application.

Reed Switch Overview

Proximity Sensors & Limit Switches

Using our expertise in reed switches, we have developed first rate proximity sensors for a wide range of applications in numerous industries. With our Rapid Solutions, we can easily modify any of our standard products to suit your project’s needs.

Proximity Sensors Overview

Magnets & Actuators

In applications where a reed switch signals relative motion, permanent magnets are used to provide the operating magnetic field. We offer magnets in four different shapes: square, rectangular, disc and cylindrical along with different dimensions, gauss strengths, and material composition. Our actuators are often paired with our proximity sensors for a matching magnetic sensor package. Also, many of the actuator housings provide a way to mount the magnet onto a surface.

Magnetics Overview

An Industry Leader

We make the world’s smallest Form A switch, the world’s smallest Form C switch, the only switches with solid tungsten contacts, high voltage switches, RF switches, pressurized switches, and now the only true Form B switch.

Limit Switching

Spot On™ Leverless Limit-Switches are designed to handle the most extreme operating environments. The four different Spot On™ models can sense farther, work faster and last longer than the competition.


From ATE grade to high voltage applications, our comprehensive line of reed switches are better suited for relay manufacturing than any others in the world. No matter your needs, we can tailor the switch to meet your unique specifications.

Steel Sensors

Our full line of ferrous metal sensing proximity sensors are the perfect fit for applications where space is at a premium. Since no actuator is required, the overall footprint of the sensor is greatly reduced.

Hazardous Locations

Some job sites are not always the most friendly and inviting. From high voltages to extreme temperatures to explosive environments, many of our products are built to be both intrinsically safe and reliably perform in these locations.

Extreme Capabilities

World’s smallest. Highest voltage. Double vacuum sealed. Twice the distance. Twice the speed. All these and more describe the innovative products we produce.

Let’s Make Things Happen

Simply reach out to connect with us. We’ll discuss your project and provide solutions, unique to your specific needs.

“We are constantly looking to reimagine the way we use sensor technology in our everyday lives. Whether our engineers are looking at a chemical processing plant, a fighter jet or a pinball machine, we are imagining the way that we can use our products to make those technologies better.”

Ryan Posey

HSI Sensing, CEO

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