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We offer a broad range of standard and custom power magnetics to fit most any need.

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Unsurpassed In-House Capabilities

We can tailor a standard product or start from scratch with a new magnetic design to solve for low and high frequencies, power inductors and common mode choke needs.


Customers often pair our actuators with our proximity sensors for a matching magnetic sensor package. Also, many of the actuator housings provide a way to mount the magnet onto a surface.


We offer magnets in four different shapes: square, rectangular, disc and cylindrical. HSI Sensing magnets also come in different dimensions, gauss strengths and material composition.

Below is just a sampling of our 1500+ products to choose from with various options available for customization, including switching and range. All HSI products can be modified to your specifications.


Rectangular Cast AlNiCo 5, 6.35(H)x25.4(L)x6.35(W), Gauss 1000 ± 200.


Cylindrical Cast AlNiCo 5, 10.41(L), Gauss 725 ± 125.


Disc Neodymium 30, 5.08(H), Gauss 1100 ± 150.


Square Ceramic 8, 3.81(H)x9.39(W), Gauss 570 ± 100.


Rectangular Ceramic 5, 5.0(H)x24.99(L)x19.05(W), Gauss 275 ± 75.


Square Ceramic 8, 2.54(H)x3.17(W), Gauss 375 ± 40.




Magnet & Actuator Basics

Full descriptions of basic magnet types, applications and environmental considerations.

Let’s Make Things Happen

Simply reach out to connect with us. We’ll discuss your project and provide solutions, unique to your specific needs.

“We are constantly looking to reimagine the way we use sensor technology in our everyday lives. Whether our engineers are looking at a chemical processing plant, a fighter jet or a pinball machine, we are imagining the way that we can use our products to make those technologies better.”

Ryan Posey

HSI Sensing, CEO

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