A HSI Sensing level switch is used to detect the presence or absence of almost any type of liquid, oil or water based. The main purpose for our level switches fall into two main categories: leak detection and single point level control.

For a relatively low-cost solution, the purpose of these switches can prevent many disastrous and expensive situations. In leak detection applications they can detect the smallest amounts of liquid to prevent loss of valuable fluids, run dry situations, expensive damage, loss of service and downtime. In level control applications they are used for automated refilling for low and high-level liquid level processes. The switches can prevent overspill or run dry situations.

Storage tanks serve a variety of purposes within the Oil and Gas Industry. Most commonly they serve as a vessel for produced oil, but can also house chemicals and water for use in production and distillation. As oil and gas corporations ramp production, the need has grown for accurate and reliable oil tank level switches. Oil level indicators need to automatically sense and electronically communicate the level in the tank to ensure safe and efficient operations.

In level control and detection applications, the liquid level of a tank or vessel will vary at a continuous pace over a period. In order to know when failure occurs, when the level goes dangerously high or low, it is critical to have a level control monitoring solution in place to prevent expensive damage, flooding or run dry situations. Limit switches give precise indication of liquid levels across the entire range of a storage tank, including low level, high level, overflow, and oil/water levels.

HSI Sensing designs and provides high-power, high-voltage level switches and reed switches, including the world’s most powerful Form C reed switch, which are engineered for the unique demands of fluid processing applications. Our products have been operating in hazardous environments that demand safety and reliability for years.

HSI Sensing’s superior limit switches meet very specific electrical specifications. HSI Sensing also manufacturers latching or bi-stable latching switches that once a float with a magnet in it passes by it stays on until it comes back down.

To find out how to begin integrating sensors and limit switches into your oil and gas operations, or even the storage tanks themselves, contact the team at HSI Sensing to learn more.

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