The Commercial Cooking Equipment Manufacturing industry has grown at an annualized rate of 2.2% to $3.7 billion over the past five years. Rising consumer spending has been a core contributor to this industry’s growth. And as such, as consumers spend more on dining experiences, restaurants and other food service companies invest in commercial cooking equipment to fulfill demand and adapt to the evolution of the restaurant industry.


What are some cresting trends happening in food service today? Smart technology also will continue to impact the equipment trends in the foodservice industry. As product innovation continues to occur and evolve, the industry will take notice to keep pace with the food and beverage trends.


To help you stay on-trend, here are the top improvement trends that are revolutionizing the modern day commercial kitchen:


Programmable Touchscreens


Appealing to the needs to chain restaurants with corporate-developed recipes and LTOs, the next generation of recipe-programmed cookers includes the option to push out recipes from one corporate hub, and then track via app how individual stores are using the machines in practice. Suppliers are promising that it saves time from needing to train at each unit, since the instructions for new or revamped recipes are preprogrammed into machines.


Multi-Tap Water Dispensers


Trying to help operators find a way to make water profitable, suppliers are rolling out fancy, multi-tap water dispensers. The new range of fancy machines has made this possible by offering everything from still and sparkling water to water at a range of temperatures from extra cold to extra hot. Some even offer flavorings through a built-in syrup dispenser.


Space Savers


Knowing that operators are shrinking their footprints, and that every square inch counts when it comes to seating capacity, suppliers are continuing to develop smaller equipment that does more work. Many new multi-shelf holding heaters and grab-and-go displays on the market are one unit. Instead of needing multiple pieces, one unit can be programmed—via a touchscreen—to a number of different temperatures at once.


High Design


One of the restaurant trends that has been growing for a while is the open plan kitchen, where food prep is in plain view of the dining guest. With this open concept, comes a growing demand for a more pleasing equipment aesthetic. Manual knobs are replaced by digital displays and touchscreens, and sharp edges are being rounded out for a softer look. Stainless steel is still an option, but most manufacturers are offering equipment in colors such as black and red as well.


Sustainability Through Data Collection


Food preparation, water heating, exhaust hoods, and extensive HVAC systems eat up a restaurant’s energy usage. These large costs can make energy efficient equipment extremely appealing to restaurant owners. A sustainable kitchen is great for more than just your wallet. These systems can help reduce energy output into the environment. From water wells that clean scoops and spoons to frying oil management systems, today’s smart equipment uses advanced technology and integrated sensors to track how much water, oil, or other liquid is used and discarded in addition to monitoring equipment performance and usage.


HSI Sensing is in the business of developing and installing easy-to-implement and cost-effective sensors that can proactively monitor critical equipment in any size restaurant or commercial kitchen. Our sensors are are very discrete and can be integrated in such a way that they can be hidden from view entirely.


HSI Sensing’s superior sensors meet very specific electrical specifications, and activate and release distances while ensuring a premium final product, partnered with unmatched technical support.


To find out how to begin integrating sensors into your commercial locations, or even the appliances themselves, contact the team at HSI Sensing to learn more.

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