The Commercial Dishwasher Manufacturing industry includes businesses that primarily produce appliances used to clean and sanitize dishware and cooking implements, as well as market these machines mainly to food service establishments, hotels, food manufacturers and other businesses. With the anticipated market growth, tracking to increase in 2020, commercial establishments aren’t shying away from replenishing their inventory with the latest models.

Selecting the right commercial dishwasher for business operations can be a daunting task. It’s a high-involvement purchase decision that can have a direct impact on production. Several considerations must be made prior to purchasing to ensure the unit will provide the best solutions to specific needs. In addition to selecting the right model for fit and function, commercial kitchens are also noting technical improvements that can save on time and costs.

Efficient Performance

With energy and water costs rising, choosing the most energy efficient unit can have a big impact on overall energy use. Dishwashers can consume up to one-third of an operations energy use, primarily due to the cost to raise water temperature. Efficient performance also impacts energy uses. If an operator is forced to run multiple cleaning cycles just to ensure clean dishes, the business is already losing money.

Many of the moving internal parts that allow the dishwasher to operate safely and efficiently must function as intended the entire time a cycle is going for it to do a proper cleaning. Reed switches and sensors incorporated on spray arms, door latches and door locks can be used to keep motors from burning out, door locks from becoming faulty and can even ensure the dishwasher stay sealed while it cleans. A highly functioning dishwasher, is a cost-saver for commercial kitchens.

Level and Temperature Sensors

Water fills into the dishwasher before it begins the cleaning cycles. Water level sensors can keep this liquid at the right levels and at the correct temperatures required to get the dishes clean. Better measurement of water levels also cuts down on unnecessary water usage, higher utility bills and can cut down on detergent waste.

HSI Sensing is in the business of developing and installing easy-to-implement and cost-effective sensors that can proactively monitor critical equipment in any size restaurant or commercial kitchen. Our sensors are very discrete and can be integrated in such a way that they can be hidden from view entirely.

HSI Sensing’s superior sensors meet very specific electrical specifications, and activate and release distances while ensuring a premium final product, partnered with unmatched technical support.

To find out how to begin integrating sensors into your commercial locations, or even the appliances themselves, contact the team at HSI Sensing to learn more.

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