Often in life — whether it is a hobby, daily life, or a job — you encounter situations where eventually you come to a point in time that you need to find some form of a solution in order to fulfill an objective.

There are many approaches you can take to look for and find solutions. You have to be careful, though, because sometimes the quick solution you find isn’t the right one that you needed. Even worse, it may be an ill-advised solution that leads you down the wrong path. In these instances you can lose focus on what you are trying to achieve in the first place, because you waste all your time trying to make it work.

I myself truly believe that mankind has missed out on some good opportunities in the past because there has been a potentially good invention or life-changing thought that did not come to fruition because of accepting an inaccurate or misleading solution.

Solutions sometimes come easy, and other times you find them difficult to locate.

In today’s times generally the first stop for most people searching for solutions is the Internet. This is the proverbial two-edged sword. Your chance of locating what will work for you can swing hard either direction –you can either find it, or you can succumb to what I call the “Net deception” solution.

The Net deception begins when you fire up your surfing device and take off looking. If you are lucky you actually stumble onto some good possibilities. The process of absorbing all the information related to what you are looking for begins, and before you know it a couple hours pass. You may come to the conclusion that this is not what you need, and you go to the next option and start the process over again. The process repeats itself until you have wasted hours on the Net, and at the end of it you are no better off than you were in the beginning. Except now you have lost valuable time, and the only thing gained was information overload — what I call “solution blindness” — and frustration. For some this may be just enough to make them give up their quest and move on to other pending matters and miss out on a good idea.

Now on to HSI Sensing and our ability to provide THE solution.

When I first started working at HSI, I was amazed that this company really did not do anything along the lines of advertising. I opened up trade magazines related to our industry and found no type of “Hermetic Switch Inc.” fancy, wordy ads. There was not any type of marketing staff coming up with catchy sales ploys to reel in business. But what amazed me the most was the fact that, from year to year, I witnessed growth in the company anyway. It didn’t make much sense to me after growing up watching television with its commercial advertising and seeing how much effort and money companies put toward marketing in the hopes of growing their business.

As I watched this amazing phenomena continue, it did not take me long to put the pieces together. We had long-term customers that were so pleased and impressed with our ability to identify and provide THE solution that they were so desperately looking for that they became our voice, our marketing device. To this day I have not seen another company that has had such a following of “word of mouth” customers. That says a mouthful, because when I started here the company had already been in business just over 22 years.  It had grown on the reputation of providing THE solution to the people who needed it!

Several years ago we made the move to update our company name to HSI Sensing, Hermetic Switch.  With this change to HSI Sensing we are first making the statement that we are a company that not only manufactures reed switches, but also serves our customers as sensing specialists. We get out in the field with you and witness what you are experiencing, and together determine your need. We help you find THE solution for your sensing need even if it is outside the realm of just using a standalone reed switch. Technology is moving so quickly that you can hardly keep up with it. If your special need requires the utilization of one of these new technologies, we learn how to incorporate it into our design and join the time-tested, field-proven reed switch with one of these new technologies and fulfill your need.

Secondly and certainly not lastly, we are Hermetic Switch Inc., the recognized leader in the reed switch industry, producing standard and custom reed switches along with proximity sensors for nearly 50 years. Some of the switches we provide can only be found here –no one else produces them.  We are the company that people go to and regularly recommend to others in need. What more could you ask for when it comes to finding THE solution?

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