Recently my family and I have been blessed with the ability to continue the operations of our family farm with the hopes of keeping the tradition going for future generations. As we move towards the future, there are always new ideas being tried and tested to make farming life easier and safer for everyone involved. One device that I have found to be a reliable, cost-effective and adaptable technology that has been around since the 1930’s is the reed switch. There are multiple ways this little device is used in modern day life. They can easily be added to some of the older farm equipment and structures that are still being used today by many small farmers.

For example, reed switches can be integrated into your homemade animal watering tank float systems. Then you will know that the tanks are to the correct level and ensure the water doesn’t continue to run and overflow into the yard.

The addition of indicator lights with reed switches and magnets to your vintage 40’s and 50’s grain planters could provide better visual indication of the gears and pulleys turning correctly. This way, you can avoid having to wait to find out that something went wrong with the machinery during your planting and needing to go back and replant.

Forgetting to close and latch gates and doors can be very costly on the farm. Simply adding sensors to fence gates or barn doors would ensure that livestock stayed where they were supposed to.

Sensor solutions do not have to be complicated. They can easily be added to many of the things around us in our daily life. Nor do sensor solutions require major modifications. Many of our sensors are ready to be installed straight from our headquarters. Check out our distributors page to find an HSI solution for some of your common problems.

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Published On: November 17th, 2016 / Categories: Innovations, Making Sense / Tags: , /

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