Growing up my family had a very intelligent and mischievous golden retriever. Despite a spacious backyard she was never content unless she was out and roaming. Typically, this was to the neighbors’ house to hunt for shoes to bring to our front porch. Consequently, I knocked on a lot of doors returning shoes during my childhood.

Our backyard was fenced in with a standard chain link fence. We learned that she would use her nose to nuzzle the handle up and push open the gate. We stuffed small sticks into the circular opening of the gate handle, but she would eventually work them out as well.

Mounting a proximity sensor on the post and a mating actuator on the handle would send a signal to ensure the gate was closed. If the gate was opened by our beloved escape artist, the removal of the actuator would open the internal reed switch and send an alert signal to the owner that the gate was open. When the gate is open there’s likely a dog on the loose. With the notice from the sensor, maybe she can be chased down before she steals any shoes.

This concept could potentially be even more useful for parents wanting to ensure their children don’t escape the backyard, or for teachers on school playgrounds wanting to ensure their students don’t make a break for it.

The solutions offered by proximity sensors are only limited by your imagination. All of us at HSI Sensing want to know what your challenges are. What is your escaping dog? Check out some of our innovative products. A solution could be easier than you think.

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Published On: September 22nd, 2016 / Categories: Innovations, Making Sense / Tags: , /

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