The global commercial security market is anticipated to reach USD 187 billion by 2023 with indicators that show the alarm industry is enjoying robust growth and interest in both products and services.

The current economy has positioned consumers to have more money to spend and as security continues to integrate more naturally into everyday life, business operators see security systems enhancements as a necessity rather than a commodity.

Security concerns among large, mid, and small business is the primary driver of the commercial security market. Increasing adoption of technology-driven solutions such as CCTV cameras and analytics are likely to bolster market demand over the forecast period. High risk of theft and need to ensure safety to employees are other factors also play major role in the market.

Increasing security trends include:

Mobile-Enabled Technology

Smartphones and other mobile devices today are standard business tools. Security systems companies typically offer the ability to control your system and receive status from a smartphone or tablet, as well as through a website portal that’s accessible through any secure Internet or cellular connection without the need of special software. Some companies even allow you to lock and unlock doors directly from your smartphone, as well as manage the permissions of the individual users.

Sensor Integration Driving Smart Actions

This year, you can expect more companies to integrate and amalgamate sensors in order to activate smart actions. For example, an environmental sensor can be activated in order to prompt a thermal or video camera to rapidly identify any toxic spills, smoke, or fires, which will allow the appropriate first responders, authorities, or apparatuses/machinery to take action quicker and more efficiently.

High Definition (HD) Video

It wasn’t so long ago that video wasn’t considered admissible evidence in many courts because images were grainy and blurry. Today, high-megapixel cameras provide high-definition quality that not only provides fine details, but also allow for zoom and frame-by-frame playback for pinpoint precision.

Video Notifications

Sophisticated monitoring systems can now send crystal-clear video clips via email to you and/or monitoring personnel so you can see for yourself if something warrants dispatching police, fire, or other emergency personnel. The frequency of false alarms is greatly reduced while you still sustain the highest levels of premise security.

Energy Management

With energy prices continuing to rise, managing these costs is extremely important for business owners. Today’s business alarm systems allow owners to manage things like temperature and lighting to help save money.

Many of HSI Sensing’s high security sensors carry the UL 634 Level 2 rating which requires them to be resistant to electrical, magnetic and physical tampering. HSI Sensing’s engineers can even customize housings in any size, material, and color to fit your footprint and your application with custom wire lengths, gauges and colors to fit seamlessly into your circuit integrations. Contact us today to learn more.

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