As sensor technology become more advanced and innovators discover new ways to implement it into different areas of business and life, sensors will continue to integrate themselves into our everyday activities to help mitigate risks, maximize opportunities and transmit more information about the world around us. However, with the plethora of sensor technology on the market, it can be difficult to narrow down exactly what piece will fit your needs the best. In a mission-critical environment such as aerospace, it’s absolutely crucial you find the right one.

HSI Sensing has been meeting the unique challenges of aerospace sensors for more than 40 years, providing mission-critical solutions for everything from seat belt connections and shock sensing to fluid level monitoring and wing positioning. Our outstandingly reliable products can handle millions of cycles in applications and hermetically sealed switches ensure safety no matter where they are applied. In fact, our sensors are so precise that we can detect 1/100 of an inch of movement to individual degrees of rotation. Our AS9100 certification ensures that when we take on your aerospace project, you can be confident in our credentials. Some applications include extension/retraction in wing flaps; fuel vapor sensor; space station equipment pod position; pilot seat ejection and activates homing beacon.

Here are some of our top products in the aerospace industry to help get you started on your search:

HSR-069R Form A Miniature Switch

This Form A Miniature Switch includes lead-free, RoHS compliant switch materials; center gap orientation; optimal glass size to wire ration; and hermetically sealed contacts for extreme durability. Additionally, these little sensors are non-ESD sensitive, highly shock and vibration resistant and come with a proven track-record of extended operations in extreme environments.

HSR-520R Form C Miniature Switch

The HSR-520R features hermetically sealed contacts and optimal glass to wire ratio. It can operate in extreme temperature, all the way from -40 TO + 125 °C. This switch has a proven track record of extended operations in extreme environments; no ESD sensitivity; incredible durability; high shock and vibration resistance and excellent performance.

HSR-900R Form A Miniature High Voltage Switch

Key features of the HSR-900R include rhodium contacts in vacuum environment; and hermetically sealed contacts. These switches can operate in temperature from -60 TO + 125 °C and can be stored at as low as -100°C. The advantage of choosing the HSR-900R include its availability in RF version; extended operations in extreme environments; high voltage holdoff and switching ability; voltage holdoff increases at upper end of pull-in range; and no ESD sensitivity.

HSR-0035R Form A Micro Miniature Switch

The key features of the HSR-0035R include hermetically sealed contacts; lead-free and RoHS compliant switch materials; and an optimal glass size to wire ratio. They can operate in temperatures all the way from -40 TO + 125 °C. The HSR-004R is not ESD sensitive and comes in Hi-Rel and commercial versions.

At HSI Sensing, we understand that aerospace is a demanding industry that requires innovative solutions. Reach out to start your project today.

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