Caterpillar is best known for their big yellow machines that reshape the earth. The machines that bend and break to the human will, recreating their form to match the designer’s imagination. They are known for taking on the toughest jobs, working in the harshest of elements and often living outside in all types of weather 24/7.

These machines have many interchangeable attachments and moving parts – most of which play a critical role in the functionality of the tool as well as the safety of the operator. Before an operation begins, clamps must be locked into place, hooks must be well-seated, an implement must be moved into the correct position for storage or the cab door must be closed. HSI Sensing can detect all these movements. With products designed to sense steel or magnets attached to moving pieces, all of these machine actions can be detected and feedback sent to the operator or safety system. These are harsh environments, requiring extreme performance, which makes our product a perfect fit. HSI has operated in many applications with extreme conditions.  We currently offer sensors designed for extreme temperatures and hazardous environments requiring Class I Division I certification in addition to having the ability to customize products beyond these requirements if needed.  Our sensors have been proven and are ready to meet these challenges.

While HSI Sensing cannot claim Caterpillar as a customer today, I envision many ways in which we could provide sensing solutions to their demanding expectations.

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Published On: March 23rd, 2017 / Categories: Innovations, Making Sense / Tags: , /

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