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Proximity sensors used in the Recreational Vehicle (RV) industry have a wide range of purposes. These different applications include determining if slide-outs are still extended, stabilizing peers, and turning on and off lights on cabinets. Essentially anywhere on RV’s you need to know if it is in, out, up, down, open or closed a proximity sensor can transmit that signal.

Product Use and Why

Several different proximity sensors are used to accommodate the different sensing functions within recreational vehicle applications. Magnetic proximity sensors in a brass threaded housing are used for the peer leveling function. As RV’s prepare for extended stay parking the operator can lower four leveling peers to ensure the vehicle is level and enabling all other vehicles functions to be balanced. The sensor is used to detect when the peers are retracted back into the vehicle and locked into position so the operator can drive without destroying the vehicle.

  • Common Steel Bolts, Brackets and Arms Activations

  • Non-Physical Contact Activation
  • Zinc Plated Leachant Seal Steel Housing
  • Hermetically Sealed Contacts

The PRX+4400 steel sensor is used to detect the position of the slide-outs during a parked position.

HSI Sensing’s sensor specifically detects and sends a signal telling the operator the slide-out is pulled in and locked into position preventing the driver from starting the vehicle if the slide-outs are not retracted.

Standard form A proximity sensors are used to turn on and off cabinet lighting without the use of a flip switch when the cabinet door is open or closed. Standard form B proximity sensors are used to deploy steps automatically when the side door of the vehicle is opened.

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