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HSI Sensing products are sought after for their high voltage or power rating along with our ability to provide customers the with the range that they specifically need. A popular use for our reed switches is holding off voltage spikes protecting against electro static discharge. HSI reeds switches are also great for isolation of circuitry at 10^13 ohms and up to 15,000 volts with certain switches ideal for high voltage RF (radio frequency) to switch microwave signals, turning transmitters on and off.

The Details

HSI Sensing continues to develop new products for the reed relay industry in an effort to push the limits of reed switch technology in smaller packages. Our global reach services customers that seek to utilize our switches because HSI’s switches hold superior marks for voltage hold-off and leakage current. Several products currently in use for power line applications are:

  • HSI Sensing’s HSR-981 and HSR-980 serve as popular high voltage reed switches.

  • HSI’s HSR-907 which has the highest power rating of our switches and has high voltage hold-off.
  • HSI Sensing’s HSR-910W and HSR-916W high voltage reed switches yield the highest voltage hold off and switching voltage of any of our reed switches.
  • Our HSR-933W reed switch has the highest power rating of all our Form C reed switches.

Reed relay manufacturers seek HSI products when they require a small package to hold off high voltage and switch high power.

At HSI Sensing we always strive to have the best delivery, quality control, and customer service in the industry.

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