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HSI Sensing has been meeting the unique challenges of aerospace sensors for more than 50 years, providing mission-critical solutions for everything from seat belt connections and shock sensing to fluid level monitoring and wing positioning. Our outstandingly reliable products can handle millions of cycles in applications and hermetically sealed switches ensure safety no matter where they are applied. In fact, our sensors are so precise that we can detect 1/100 of an inch of movement to individual degrees of rotation.

Our AS 9100D and ISO 9001:2015 certification ensures that when we take on your aerospace project, you can be confident in our credentials.

Aerospace Applications

  • Commercial and Military Jet Engines
  • Space Station Equipment
  • Security Systems
  • Wing Flaps Extension and Retraction
  • Missile Safety System Signal
  • Latched Seat Belts
  • Fuel Vapor Sensor

  • Hatch Closure
  • Space Station Equipment Pod Position
  • Throttle Body Position

  • Pressure Differentiator Position

  • Astronaut and Athletic Body Temperature Pill

  • Aerospace Certified Door Sensors

  • Pilot Seat Ejection

  • Homing Beacon Activation

  • Space Shuttle Cargo Bay Sensor Monitors

  • Reserve Tank Oil Levels

Top Products for Aerospace Applications

Since 1968 HSI Sensing, an AS 9100D and ISO 9001:2015 registered company, has been the premier choice for custom and standard reed switches, proximity sensors, and other sensing technologies for the aerospace industry.


Form A Miniature Reed Switch


Form C Miniature Reed Switch


Form A Miniature High Voltage Reed Switch


Form A Micro Miniature Reed Switch

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“We are constantly looking to reimagine the way we use sensor technology in our everyday lives. Whether our engineers are looking at a chemical processing plant, a fighter jet or a pinball machine, we are imagining the way that we can use our products to make those technologies better.”

Ryan Posey

HSI Sensing, CEO

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