The Challenge

Our customer approached us with a manufacturing predicament that required the development of a new tiny reed switch to replace the current MEM device in their pacemaker products. Without a solution, our client would have to stall their production lines which would result in a significant financial impact to their company.


HSI Sensing developed the new HSR-0025 reed switch to match the footprint of the MEM device, facilitating a seamless product integration which eliminated the need to cease our client’s pacemaker production schedule.

The Back Story

To make it’s mark in the medical industry, HSI Sensing produced the HSR-004 reed switch which was significantly smaller than anything currently on the market – it was nearly 30 percent of the volume of the competition’s product equivalent at the time. But the innovation didn’t stop with there. Shortly after the release of the HSR-004, HSI created the HSR-003 which boasted significant volume reduction to the point of being only 1/4 the size of the competition.

The HSR-004 and HSR-003 also addressed the additional sizing needs required by the tiny circuit boards inside the pacemakers. The HSR-004 only needed 9.42 square millimeters (and the HSR-003 only needed 7.83 square millimeters) of installation space which proved to be a vast improvement over previously tried reed switches, resulting in a reduction 44 percent and 36 percent respectively.

  • World’s smallest reed switches for medical devices.

  • Industry leading high sensitivity reed switches.

After we reduced the size of our reed switches, we improved the sensitivity to optimize performance.

Larger reed switches featuring 0.4 millimeter diameter leads could not be manufactured in the extremely low ampere turn range now made available with due to the creation of the the HSR-004 and HSR-003. Larger reed switches were also more reactive to cutting, meaning the sensitivity grew worse at a greater rate when the leads were cut to fit the tiny space allocated to the switch. Our smaller reed switches are able to combat this issue, resulting in more highly sensitive reed switches.


HSI Sensing continues to advance the reed switch industry by providing the world’s smallest reed switches the most sensitive reed switches. Our consistent quality with full traceability to raw materials ensures high performance standards. To date, HSI is still the go-to reed switch provider for the medical industry as we continue to produce the switch with the smallest profile (height – less than 0.9mm).

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