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Select from our dependable suite of expertly engineered ready-built magnetic sensing products or work with us to develop a rapid customization. At HSI, we focus on finding you the right solution.

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Travis Posey

Sales and Strategy Expert
(405) 224-4046
(405) 224-4046
Download our catalog that features over 1,500 products.

High Performance Products

We are the catalyst that helps drive innovation in any and every industry by helping to transform mechanical motion into electrical signals.

Standard Products

HSI Sensing currently offers over 1,500 unique products for an array of applications, including ready-to-ship premium reed switches and sensors.

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Rapid Solutions

Slight modifications to our standard products, such as surface-mounted bars, laser engravings, fit applications, customizable housing and more.

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Custom Solutions

When a challenge can’t be solved by a standard product, our engineering team can develop a solution to meet your project head-on.

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We Drive Innovation

We are innovators who develop custom solutions for a wide range of industries. Where others say something can’t be done, we see opportunity to innovate.

The Industry’s Best

Our products set the bar for our industry with solutions that remain unmatched, 50 years strong. At HSI, only the best will do for our customers.

Zack McGill

Product Expert

Drive Innovation With HSI Sensing

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Top Industry Applications

From implantable medical devices to oil field robust fluid controls and even the aerospace industry, at HSI Sensing, we have perfected our reed switch and sensor technology, ensuring reliable and consistent operations in any application.

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Sometimes, only a custom solution will do.

The HSI Engineering and Design Team is available to design a sensor or switch to meet your exact specifications. And, while all custom projects have different requirements, consider our 6 points below to help you define the initial needs of your custom project.

Custom Solutions

HSI Sensing Wins at the 2019 SIA New Product Showcase

Sentinel Retro – PRX+12215

Intrusion Detection and Prevention Solutions

We Make Award-Winning Products

HSI Sensing is recognized for its innovative products and solutions–winning the top spot to represent the best new offerings in the market.

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Let’s Make Things Happen

Simply reach out to connect with us. We’ll discuss your project and provide solutions, unique to your specific needs.

“We are constantly looking to reimagine the way we use sensor technology in our everyday lives. Whether our engineers are looking at a chemical processing plant, a fighter jet or a pinball machine, we are imagining the way that we can use our products to make those technologies better.”

Ryan Posey

HSI Sensing, CEO

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(405) 224-4046
(405) 224-4046
Download our catalog that features over 1,500 products.